‘Under The Dome’ Season 3 Spoilers: Junior Becomes Violent With Julia, Eva defends Christine

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 1 year ago
‘Under The Dome’ Season 3 Spoilers: Junior Becomes Violent With Julia, Eva defends Christine

Spoiler alert! A few spoilers of the next episodes of “Under the Dome” season 3 are presented here. Read further to know more in details, or if you tend to miss the telecast.

In a newly released teaser video for “Under the Dome” season 3, Fashionnstyle reported that Julia will become a victim of Junior. It starts with a vindictive nature of Junior that makes him remark insensibly to others.


Joe pleads for help from the townspeople of Chester’s Mill, but nobody dared to lend him a helping hand when he is in a predicament. Overjoyed with Joe’s plight, instead of helping, Junior statements that it is the part of his “punishment.”

Here enters Julia whose intention is to save Joe from Junior’s ferocity. She tries to prevent Junior from growing violent with Joe. However, Junior redirects his aggression towards her and strongly throws a punch at the back of Julia’s head.

On the other side, Eva becomes an interesting character who is likely to be stuck in the middle. Eva informs Barbie that she and Christine work for Aktaion. Eva also says that they were initiated in a project that involved “finding fragments from a meteor that hit the earth 25 years before.”

Eva anyhow manages to dissolve the matter by saying sorry to Barbie and tries to grow a flame of faith on Christine in his mind. As a result, Barbie considers that Christine should get another chance. However, Barbie is at a far distance to know the real nature of Christine.

The teaser trailer of the upcoming episodes shows a beautiful meteor shower in the sky. It also shows a giant rock appears and is projected in a straight way towards Chester’s Mill. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on “Under the Dome” season 3 to know what is going to happen.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Under The Dome On CBS