‘Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F’ Movie Cast Reveals Spoilers, Plot; Talks Goku vs Superman Rivalry

By Meghna Subhedhar | 1 year ago
‘Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F’ Movie Cast Reveals Spoilers, Plot; Talks Goku vs Superman Rivalry
“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F” review implied that the film is worth every dime.
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“Dragon Ball Z” is all set to get a sequel. The animated series is going to spawn a movie and the fans are excited to know more about the series.


Sean Schemmel, who does the voice of Goku, and Christopher Sabat, who does the voice of Vegeta, sat down with the reporters of MoviePilot to reveal details about the new movie. Sean decided to shed some light on the debate that was going on about Superman versus Goku during the interview.

Christopher Sabat told the reporters that “Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F” was better for him because last time the creative team had not involved the voice actors in the whole creative process. This time, the entire team had collaborated to produce the movie and the english voice actors had been lucky to meet the Japanese voice team and excited to share their views on the movie and their interpretation of the characters Goku and Vegeta. This made their voice acting more interpretive of the plot of the movie. Sabat also revealed that Vegeta has an enormously shocking moment towards the end that will blow audience’s minds.

They also talked a lot about other characters in the movie and told that the other voice actors have done a tremendous job in bringing the characters to life with their ingenious voice talents and hence, the film has become very much watchable because of it. He cracked a joke about the spoilers in the movie and said that some characters have blue hair. He specifically said that the character of Frieza brought out the best voice talent and fans of the original series will be able to relate to the character better because of Chris Ayres’s excellent voice acting.

The interview also went over the top with speculation about Goku versus Superman. All in all, jocularity reigned supreme during the interview and the interviewers and the people being interviewed had a fun time.

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Photo Source: Official Website/“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F”


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