Elton John Says His Dad May Have Been Homophobic

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 1 year ago
Elton John Says His Dad May Have Been Homophobic

Legendary musician Elton John talked about this during the 10th anniversary of West End musical where he wrote the music for the stage adaptation of Billy Elliot in 2005. Read on.

In the interview conducted by The Times, John said that Billy Elliot has gotten what other gay men were deprived of during his generation. The singer/songwriter said that during his time, acceptance was scarce to those who came out of the closet.


“The moment when Billy’s dad sees him perform, and sees the beating heart of his son for the first time, and understands what his son will achieve, never came for me.” Sir John said.

According to Express UK, John also added that his dad was sealed off from the talent he has and that he never knew the reason behind it. He also added that perhaps it was homophobia that kept his dad away and that it was a painful loss for him and his dad.

John also pointed out that prejudice does things to people. He said that it shuns them from different sources of joy, love, kindness and friendship. The hitmaker also said that prejudice also takes away the connection of fathers and sons and that it can make the world a little colder.

John said that he is now happy that society is able to accept gay men. He said he never thought he would get the chance to marry David Furnish or be able to raise a family of his own. However, all these were made possible. It was after the public has been more open minded about the third sex. John said he was so proud of his country and the people of Britain to be able to accept this.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Elton John