Is Emma Stone Making Attempts To Steal Ryan Gosling From Eva Mendes?

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
Is Emma Stone Making Attempts To Steal Ryan Gosling From Eva Mendes?

Emma Stone has worked with Ryan Gosling in many movies and these two have been quite vocal about how fond they are of each other in several interviews.

After watching Stone, 26 and Gosling 34, in a couple of romantic films, it is difficult for anyone to deny that these two share some sizzling on-screen chemistry. In the month of September this year, there was a report that they are shooting for their third film together.


Could it be so that Stone and Gosling’s on-screen chemistry is not just acting? However, if Gosling is really serious about Stone, is he cheating on Eva Mendes, 41, his girlfriend?

It looks like both Stone, as well as, Gosling have some different notions altogether about the relationship that is shared by them off-camera.

You all must be aware by now that Emma Stone broke up with Andrew Garfield, her boyfriend after dating him for many years.

Immediately after that, there were rumors of Gosling cheating on Mendes with Stone. However, nothing concrete has come out about all those allegations as of now.

There has been several reports from several sources that Mendes and Gosling have broken up briefly, as he was romancing Stone. It was also reported that apparently Stone had tried all the tricks in her sleeve to push the separation between the couple.

Though Stone had been trying her best, the sources also reported that Gosling and Mendes have apparently taken a decision about giving their relationship one more chance. In fact, it seems that the duo wants to give a baby sister or brother to their daughter, Esmeralda.

What seems to have further complicated matters, is that Garfield has been trying very hard to get Stone back in his life; however,  the latter seems to be interested only in Gosling.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have completed the shoot of their film “La La Land” recently, which is coincidentally quite similar to the love quadrilateral that is going on in the stars’ real life.



Photo Source: Facebook/Emma Stone