Emma Watson No Longer Hush-Hush On Break-Up, Says Silent Retreat Enlivened Her But Still Won’t Date Famous Men

By Lex Lopez | 1 year ago
Emma Watson No Longer Hush-Hush On Break-Up, Says Silent Retreat Enlivened Her But Still Won’t Date Famous Men

Emma Watson made it all hush-hush when her relationship with athlete Matt Janney ended last December. Now, Watson revealed that she is headed for the Rocky Mountains in Canada to seek solace and find herself after that almost one year of relationship.

The “Beauty & the Beast” actress which made waves due to her role as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” movie series finally broke her silence on the September issue of Vogue U.K.


“I felt really uncomfortable, even before my relationship ended, I went on a silent retreat, because I really wanted to figure out how to be at home with myself,” Watson explained about her search for inner peace.

The retreat entailed the residents to a week-long vow of silence in an enclosed lovely facility.

Watson and Janney, an Oxford University rugby player, first began dating at the end of 2013. Their relationship however ended in an agreeable split due to the actress’ heavy working schedule as reported by Mirror UK. The actress was quick to note that her celebrity status didn’t really have any damaging effects with regards to her relationships with men. She added that her past boyfriends have all treated her well regardless of her public persona.

“The boyfriends or partners I’ve had have generally made me feel really cherished. They’ve built me up,” the actress also added.

Watson has always been low-key with men she dated in the past. She dated fellow Oxford student Will Adamowicz in 2011. That is why she always felt it her duty to protect her non-famous boyfriends from the limelight.

Earlier this year, Watson was rumored to be getting intimate with Prince Henry of Wales, which she immediately tackled with in a report on The Telegraph UK.

Watson has been greatly involved with the UN especially in their campaign for gender equality. Her most recent film, “Colonia,” is directed by Oscar-winner Florian Gallenberger and is selected to be shown in the 2015 Toronto Film Festival.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Emma Watson