End Date Set for Banshee: Season 4 Will Be Last Drama From Cinemax

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
End Date Set for Banshee: Season 4 Will Be Last Drama From Cinemax

Back in 2013, ‘Banshee’ was aired for the first time and as the third season came to an end earlier this year there were all speculations as to what will happen next. Banshee may say goodbye to its lovely viewers after season four. He producers of the TV series are making every effort to come up with an appealing and conclusive end. According to the makers, the end was in their mind since they started shooting for it.

If spoilers and rumours are to be believed, the Cinemax show will be aired for the last time in its fourth run, as per the unrealitytv.com. The makers and bosses of the TV series had made this plan much earlier.


This cancellation is something different from the many other shows that will face the dead end this year. The producers have been asked to come up with an ideal end to the show.

Antony Starr, age 39, portrays as an unnamed criminal in the show who comes to the town of Banshee, Pennsylvania. He is out after serving a term in prison and takes over the identity of a local sheriff. He portrays himself as Lucas Hood and makes the entire town to believe that he is indeed a sheriff. Although, it had not been as simple as it sound.

Soon, he comes to know that her former lover is in the same town and lives with her family. This revelation makes it difficult for him to deal with the past. He also discovers that she has taken up a new identity himself and has moved on in life.

TVLine reports that the final eight episodes will be just that when the show returns. This means things are not rushed up by the writer to come to an end. All the things are well planned out in advance and every effort has been made to make sure that there is a perfect conclusion.

Executive producer Greg Yaitanes in an interview with TVLine.com disclosed that from the very beginning Banshee had a limited lifespan and premise. He continues on and adds that, we have tried as best as we can to make sure that every episode is a step ahead from what has been shown before that, and all this consumes a considerable amount of energy, creativity and work. For him it has been an incredible journey and he expects to break new grounds in season four.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Antony Starr