Excitement Mounts As Latest James Bond Trailer Is Released

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Excitement Mounts As Latest James Bond Trailer Is Released

Good news for James Bond fans!! The latest official trailer for “Spectre” has been finally released.

You can now enjoy the final official trailer for the latest James Bond movie “Spectre” as it has been released.


According to the Belfast Telegraph,  the official; teaser lasts for about 70 seconds which starts with Daniel Craig as James Bond in a helicopter. It shows 007’s alter ego with a ring that is engraved with the octopus logo of “Spectre”, a secret organization and asks whether people know what the organization is called.

Dr. Madeleine Swan, who is a psychologist in this upcoming flick replies that the name of the organization is Spectre.

This is the 24th James Bond movie and has been once again directed by Sam Mendes from his turn on “Skyfall” as he follows this secret agent who confronts some of his past enemies.

Christoph Waltz, two time Oscar-winner, portrays the role of Franz Oberhauser, Bond’s nemesis in the movie. He asks Bond that whatever the agent believed in is ruined now, so why did he come?

Bond retorts that he went there to kill him  to which Franz tell him that he thought Bond had gone there to die.

This is the latest teaser of “Spectre” that is a complete package of Bond’s signature one-liners, some amazing shots of car chases and explosions that would hold the franchisee’s fans to their seats for sure.

The trailer also features the track “Writing’s On the Wall” by Sam Smith, that has now topped the charts. In fact this is the maiden Bond theme to achieve this accomplishment.

The movie has reunited Daniel with his director Mendes, with whom he had worked together in the last James Bond movie “Skyfall” in 2012. It had a distinction of becoming the highest grossing James Bond movie in history.

This may be the last Bond flick for both of them as the film-maker said that it would be his last Bond movie while Daniel has been also dropping hints.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons