EXO Chanyeol Made Pepero Day Even More Special; Send Great Motivating Words For Exam Takers

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 11 months ago
EXO Chanyeol Made Pepero Day Even More Special; Send Great Motivating Words For Exam Takers

EXO Chanyeol could be 100% cause behind the potentially multiple cases of students to ace a 100% on their SAT exam. He just did an encouraging gesture for these diligent students, and the sweet thing about it is he did it on Pepero Day which is a special and romantic holiday in their nation. What is this gesture he showed for them?

According to KPopStarz, Chanyeol uses his IG account to deliver his message for highschool students who will be taking the exam. He posted a picture of himself with the peace sign using his left hand and smiled gleefully as he posed for the shot. With this picture comes the caption that encourages students to give their best for the exam.


The caption reads, “Tomorrow is what day?It’s the day all of you see the end of all your hard work, SAT students! Great job until now and hope you do great tomorrow! Don’t be nervous!! If you get 100%… let’s grab a meal together!”


As the EXO member motivates them to do their best, he also takes out the pressure from these students in the event they won’t have an impressive score. He reminded them, “SATs aren’t everything so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t do well! I’ll go compliment you when you’re all done! Fighting, everyone!”

Now, the Korean highschool students who are fans of Chanyeol will remember the Pepero Day even more special and sweet. According to KoreaTimesUs, Pepero Day is somewhat similar to Valentines as people have been accustomed to the tradition of giving out Pepero cookie sticks to those they love. November 11 was the date for as the numbers of the date is similar to the Pepero sticks. However, originally the event was intended on promoting how to become taller and thinner. Later on, the gesture of giving Pepero sticks became associated with care and affection.

Thanks to Chanyeol for giving more meaning to Pepero Day especially for students who are working hard for their education.

Photo Source: EXO/Chanyeol