Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Updates: Sting Vs Larcade Dragneel Epic Battle Weighing Equally

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 months ago
Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Updates: Sting Vs Larcade Dragneel Epic Battle Weighing Equally
Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Spoilers Ahead

Fairy Tail Chapter 513 will strike the same chord with the fans as Chapter 512 did. In the last chapter, we saw Sting is having a deadly standoff with Larcade Dragneel and blow after blow proves to be a strong opponent against him. According to sources, Chapter 513 will seal the result of this battle.


Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Keeps The Excitement On

Fairy Tail Chapter 513 will see Sting fight the ultimate human desire, the desire to sleep. So far, Sting is able to defend himself and his friends against the last two attacks by Larcade enticing human desires. Sting has refused to bow down to the ultimate desire of making love but also the magic weapon of hunger to save his comrades from turning cannibal on each other.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 513 spoilers
Fairy Tail Chapter 513: Natsu Vows to Defeat Zeref

Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Fighting The Desire To Sleep

Larcade is definitely not believing himself but thanks to the last minute help from Rouge, Sting is able to put up a brave fight surprising his opponent. Both Sting and Rouge believe they can beat Larcade if Sting is able to absorb his powers and then they use Rouge’s shadow back technique on him.

However, according to Yibada, Larcade is more than certain that his final blow, the desire to sleep, will be next to impossible to miss the target and will put Sting to eternal sleep. His confidence is mustered as he believes the mighty Acnologia cannot survive it.

As the attack seems to do the job, Kagura comes to Sting’s rescue by using gravity magic to pull him down. Taking this opportunity, Sting inflicts series of attacks on Larcade and gets through Spriggan 12 mage using his White Shadow Dragon attack.

On the other hand, Rouge is explaining to Natsu the significance of his scarf. According to Rouge, this scarf is unique as it is made from Igneel’s dragon scale and is made by first celestial mage and Anna Heartfilia. Though Happy is advising Natsu to give up on taking revenge on Zeref, Natsu is well determined he will defeat his older brother.

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