‘Falling Skies’ Season Finale: Do The Viewers Require Another Season To See The Proper End?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 1 year ago
‘Falling Skies’ Season Finale: Do The Viewers Require Another Season To See The Proper End?
Falling Skies
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It’s up to the fans and viewers of “Falling Skies” if they want the show to have another batch of episodes. Because the last aired episode on Sunday night not only came to a close, it seems like there was no opportunity for the showrunner to tie things together and make it as conclusive as the fans wanted probably only for having very limited episodes in hand. Now it is too see whether the “Falling Skies” producers come up with another batch of episodes or not. Read on for more details.


According to Cartermatt, the revival of Pope was really not astonishing as his death in the previous episode was not in a proper way to say goodbye to the character. Oppositely, after the completion of final battle, there was a feel that the show was not ready to end just yet, mainly Tom and Anna were alive that opened another door for the showrunner to make it clear.

In an email sent to TVLine, executive producer David Eick, clarified that only one final twist was not included in the show that allowed them to keep a tad hold of a happier end.

“In the original outline, after Tom crushed the vial to release the Dorniya critter to kill the Queen, we see the critter scurry away. Later, after Tom’s big speech, the camera soars to the heavens — ‘We are not alone’ — but then it zooms back down, all the way back to the Lincoln Memorial, now deserted, as that little Dorniya critter patters off into the night. However, we ultimately decided to end on a hopeful versus ominous note…” Eick wrote.

He also said that a great of debate existed about allowing Pope’s death in “Falling Skies” season 5×09 to be his final curtain. But, what he revealed, the viewers needed to see a final clash between Tom and Pope in the last episode. It was necessary because they had always symbolized the “black and white” nature of human beings at the battlefield.

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