Are Fergie And Josh Duhamel Planning To Have Their Second Baby Now?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Are Fergie And Josh Duhamel Planning To Have Their Second Baby Now?

Is celebrity couple Fergie and Josh Duhamel planning to expand their beautiful family? Here is what Fergie had to say about her motherhood plans.

Though Fergie, 40 and her husband Josh Duhamel have had plans about having another child, but it looks like the singer has some other plans on her priority list.


The singer and her actor husband already have a son called Axl, who is just two years old.  Fergie was recently asked whether she would want a daughter now and she replied in an exclusive interview to E! News on Friday that it will be a wonderful experience to give her little baby her very own fragrance collection that will be done by Mommy dearest.

Fergie said that after she completes her album and the tour, they would love to have their second child.

Teasers of Fergie’s upcoming album are already out for months and this will be her follow-up to the debut made by her in 2006 through “The Dutchess”. The singer also said that she has made plans for going on a tour without sharing the exact dates for the same.

Last year, the first single from the record “L.S. LOVE” was released by her. Fergie felt that either she should have her next baby or a new album. Earlier this year, she said this to an interview to Allure.  It looks like she had to make a tough choice on which should be her first priority though she finally made up her mind. After all how long could she hold on to her song?

In the month of March, Fergie had shared with E! News that she and Duhamel had to come to an early negotiation that they would have two kids. This was because Duhamel earlier wanted them to have five kids.

The couple welcomed their first child Axl about 24 months ago and managed to take a break from work for a while.

Photo Source: Facebook/Fergie