Feud between Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth Strengthen After The Queen Snubs Prince George Birthday

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
Feud between Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth Strengthen After The Queen Snubs Prince George Birthday

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are reportedly having a feud and it does not look good. The Queen has had a problem with the fact that Middleton belongs to a family of commoners and the Duchess has not been paying heed to her royal duties since Princess Charlotte’s birth. The feud between them accentuated when Queen Elizabeth did not turn up at Prince George’s second birthday party. Read on to know more details.

Middleton and husband, Prince William threw an ostentatious birthday party for their two years old son George. They invited everyone from their family to the party and people all over from the United Kingdom attended. Even the old and injured Prince Philip took a two hour journey in order to bless his grandson George. But his wife, The Queen, did not bother to attend the party, strengthening the growing clash between her and the Duchess.


It has been said that it was a perfect opportunity for Queen Elizabeth to show her support towards the much-adored 33 year old Duchess. But she did not visit the party and snubbed her grandson, creating a meaningless feud between the two members of the royal family. She does not have a very strong reason to support her absence and that clearly means that there are some visible tensions in the family.

Middleton belongs to a commoner family and brought forth her ideas for raising Princess Charlotte and Prince George according to common traditions. Clearly, The Queen had a problem with this new system as she wants her grandchildren to be brought up exactly according to the royal tradition, reports Inquisitr.com.

With the birth of Prince George, who would be next in line to become the King of England, Prince Charles is not allowed to play a very important role in family decisions. Similar incidences are causing rifts between the family and the royal family is undeniably facing a family crisis.

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Photo Source: Facebook/TheBritishRoyalFamily