‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Update: Jamie Dornan To Call His Marriage Quits Before Production?

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Update: Jamie Dornan To Call His Marriage Quits Before Production?

Has the on-screen chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel dissolved the off-screen love story of the 33-year-old Jamie Dornan? The hot and intense star is rumored to divorce his wife Amelia Warner prior to the production of the second installment of his raunchy trilogy. Read on to get the complete scoop.

According to rumors, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” superstar’s marriage is going through troubled waters.


There had been news about Amelia Warner’s discomfort about her husband being objectified as a global sex symbol due to the character of Christian Grey that he plays. For the millions and billions of fans, Dornan is indeed the face of Christian Grey, which is majorly responsible for the chaos in his private life. There was buzzing news about Warner not approving her husband’s plan on re-joining the “Fifty Shades” franchise for the second installment.

Dornan himself has been a naughty boy, according to rumors. His sky-high success and immense female fan following have triggered the flirtatious side of his personality, and he was spotted getting all flirty with his fans. He didn’t stop at that. He even claimed his relationship status to be ‘single’ while at a bar in the Czech Republic, reports News Everyday.

“After posing for a photo with one blond, he kissed her on the cheek as she tousled his hair. He asked another girl, ‘How do you say you have beautiful eyes’ in Czech? We were making bets on who he would go home with. We had no idea he was married!,” the insider told Star Magazinr as reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Though whenever questioned about his wife, Dornan claimed to be very much in love with her, but looks like he doesn’t need her approval about his career decisions, as he has decided to go full frontal for the second part.

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Photo Source: Facebook/JamieDornan.CG