‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Update: Jamie Dornan Gets Candid About Family And Life

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Update: Jamie Dornan Gets Candid About Family And Life

Jamie Dornan, star of the “Fifty Shades” franchise  recently spoke about his family that included Amelia Warner, his wife and Dulcie, his daughter.

The actor was speaking with British GQ in an interview where he said that he was contented with his life presently. Some of his fans interpreted his statement as a cue that does not want to expand his family right now.


Dornan said that his life is in proper order and he did not have any sort of addiction. Though he is not that young anymore, he is happy to be married to a person who is very understanding. He has a baby too and he thinks that these are the good things in his life.

However, according to some rumors, the actor’s wife is pregnant with their second baby together. The couple has neither denied nor confirmed these reports.

According to some other news, Dornan gave an interview to Glamour Magazine, where he spoke about his character Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades” series. The actor added that many things have changed since the time he was first selected to play the character of Mr. Grey, a very controversial role.

Jamie Dornan said that people started recognizing a celebrity like him more while walking on the street. He is happy, as the core things and people in his life have managed to keep him level-headed. He also said that apart from being an actor, the most important people in his life are his family and mates.

According to the actor, his family and buddies are the two constant things in his life that did not change even after he got a key role in a movie

Jamie Dornan said that he does not think there would be any changes in his life, as the main things in his life would never change.

The actor’s film “Fifty Shades Darker” is tipped to release on February 10, 2017, in the U.S.



Photo Source: Facebook/Jamie Dornan