‘Frozen 2’ Movie Update: Elsa Remains Single and Alone or Will She Find A Love Interest in ‘Frozen’ Sequel?

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Frozen 2’ Movie Update: Elsa Remains Single and Alone or Will She Find A Love Interest in ‘Frozen’ Sequel?

The Disney animated movie “Frozen” swept the entire nation by storm with cute and loveable characters like Olaf and Sven and a highly addicting list of songs including “Let It Go.” Now that the movie is slated for an upcoming sequel, which is expected to be released in the coming years, what can fans expect from Elsa and Anna in “Frozen 2?” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Frozen” is by far one of Disney’s best animated movies after “The Lion King.” The 2013 movie raked in a total of $1.274 billion (via Box Office Mojo) in domestic and foreign earnings. It has popularized several singles including the infamous song, “Let It Go.” It received an Academy Award for the best original song. Given these successful figures, it really isn’t such a mystery that Disney has announced that a sequel is in the works.


Following the network’s announcement of a “Frozen” movie sequel, fans began speculating over several theories and plots, which the sequel could possibly take on. One of the popular fan theories is that “Frozen 2” will revolve mostly around Elsa’s conquest for love.

According to iDigital Times, this is a popular theory amongst many fans of “Frozen” because the first installment to the franchise only focused on familial kind of love between Anna and Elsa. Anna also had the chance to explore herself outside the confines of the castle and was able to find a (real) love interest in the likes of Kristoff.

The outlet cited that now that Elsa has resumed the throne, it leaves her and Arendelle without an heir to the throne. It is why “Frozen 2” could possibly take on Elsa’s conquest for a love interest. Several possible love interests emerged on the Internet including “Rise of the Guardians’” Jack Frost, “Frozen” movie’s very own Olaf and even the once-villainous character, Prince Hans.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Frozen