‘Frozen 2’ Update: Sequel To Have A Very Strong Storyline, Deals With Major Issues Of Life

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
‘Frozen 2’ Update: Sequel To Have A Very Strong Storyline, Deals With Major Issues Of Life
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The much awaited sequel of the 3D musical fantasy “Frozen” is in the making. Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck threw some light on the plot of the second installment of the highest grossing animated movie so far, which is being anticipated much. Read on to get the complete scoop.


There is no second opinion about the immense pressure overlying the franchise of “Frozen” to create a sequel to the most adored project from the house of Walt Disney.

Buck and Lee, in one of their recent interviews with MTV News, gave us a peek into their current development plans for “Frozen 2.” Buck said that they are very much in the initial stages of the project, and have the skeletal concept for it. He spilled out more by saying that they have a very strong idea to be turned into reality this time.

The icy powers of the Frozen-Sisters Elsa and Anna, and the heart-melting plot had created history in the field of animated movies. The directors expressed a lot of excitement about creating “Frozen 2.”

Buck said that they are all happy with the way “Frozen” was received. It took a while for them to get back into all and do the short, and that was when they started considering about the next one.

The directors also said that this time they are aiming to focus on certain issues addressed by girls, men and women in the society, and bring about a change. They are planning to use entertainment as a weapon to influence humans and steer them towards the good.

They said that kids watch them much and over and over again, hence, it’s important to have a decent message in there, else an opportunity would be missed.

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Photo Source: Facebook/DisneyFrozen