G-Dragon Promotes Justin Bieber’s New Single ‘What Do You Mean?’

By April Lara | 1 year ago
G-Dragon Promotes Justin Bieber’s New Single ‘What Do You Mean?’

Justin Bieber is about to release a new single titled “What Do You Mean?” and Beliebers are already starting to countdown to the days. One popular K-pop group member G-Dragon is also in full support of his upcoming new single.

G-Dragon took to his social media account to promote Bieber’s new single. Bieber himself shared the photos on his own Instagram account:


CL of 2NE1 is also in full support of Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” song. She was holding a laptop over her head and it reads “Justin Bieber 14 Days What Do You Mean?” With the caption “What Do You Mean?Taking it worldwide #chaelincl #14days.”

It was later on followed by G-Dragon member with him promoting Justin Bieber’s new single. It reads “Justin Bieber ‘6’ Days What Do You Mean?” With the caption, “This is Worldwide. What Do You Mean? #xxxibgdragn #6days.”


Last year, G-Dragon and Bieber were supposed to collaborate on a new track but it was cancelled. The reason for the cancellation wasn’t explained by both camps.

Bieber and G-Dragon have established a close relationship for some time now and these two never fail to show their support for one another.

Bieber’s new single will be released within the week and fans are really excited to hear his latest single. His Korean fans, including some of the popular K-Pop groups, are also very excited for his new single release.

Well, Justin Bieber, you got them locked down worldwide. There’s a new music hit coming and we can’t wait! Are you excited for the release? Do you want G-Dragon and Bieber to collaborate? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Facebook/G-Dragon