How To Get Away With Murder: Who Is The Unlucky Victim Underneath The Sheet?

By Savitha Muppala | 3 months ago
How To Get Away With Murder: Who Is The Unlucky Victim Underneath The Sheet?
How To Get Away With Murder
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How To Get Away With Murder fans are aware that the show will be doing away with someone in the new season. Yet all want to know who the unfortunate victim beneath the sheet is?


To recapitulate, viewers saw a flash forward scene for which there will be a conclusion only during the mid-season finale.

It is obvious Annalise is extremely disturbed as she sees her home burning down. She breaks down and is hysterical. She also sees a dead body of someone on a stretcher under a sheet.

Further, viewers also get to know that the dead body on the stretcher is not the only one. In the burning house, there is one more holed up, but firefighters do find the person having a weak pulse, as they spot the body in the basement.

The episodes of How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 have been very intriguing. They have been revealing and concealing at the same time.

Does anybody have a clue as to who is dead during the house fire? The episodes also show who all are fine. And fortunately, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and Bonnie (Liza Weil) are safe and protected.

In a candid moment, actor Matt McGorry teased that the whole cast now knows who will be killed this season. McGorry plays as a law student named Asher. In a talk with Variety, he admitted that most of the secret was under wraps, but as the team filmed the sequences, the big secret became known.

So the cast is completely aware who is finished off this season, but McGorry teases that the person killed could just well be anyone. He does offer a clue that the person who dies does have a significant role.

The death of one of the members who dies this season is going to impact the episodes in a huge way. It will impact the cast in a way that no one would have guessed the magnitude. Viewers too will be shaken with what is revealed in the upcoming episodes.

McGorry adds, “It’s an impactful death. It’s not insignificant. It could be anyone, and it’s something that is really going to heavily impact everyone — and the cast, too. I think it will definitely rock the viewers.”

How To Get Away With Murder returns on October 20th, 2016 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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