Girlfriend Of Jim Carrey Commits Suicide: Did Cathriona White Suffer From A Devastating Heartbreak?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Girlfriend Of Jim Carrey Commits Suicide: Did Cathriona White Suffer From A Devastating Heartbreak?

Behind every comedy is a probable impending tragedy that may loom even a love story. Jim Carrey becomes a part of those who are experiencing it now. His girlfriend, Cathriona White, was found dead in a residence because of apparent suicide. What could possibly push her to such a dreadful action?

According to ABC News, Jim Carrey’s girlfriend Cathriona White was found lifeless in Sherman Oaks, 15500 block of Briarwood Drive, last Monday evening at around 8:40 p.m.  This was confirmed by Mr. Ed Winter, the L.A. County coroner’s assistant chief. She committed suicide by what seems to be drug overdose because of the pills near her.


The comedian gave a statement regarding the unfortunate incident. He was “shocked and deeply saddened” with the sudden death of her “sweet Cathriona”. He described her as a gentle and kind Irish flower but is “too sensitive for this soil”. He extended his condolences to everyone who loves her including her friends and families. “We have all been hit with a lightning bolt.”, as he ended his statement.


In the article of NY Daily News, aside from the pills there is a note too lying near her. She has written to Carrey as what the investigators said. White is his makeup artist and they both met last 2012. Since then, they have been on a rollercoaster turn in their relationship. They are speculated to have an on-and-off romance.

The 28-year-old make-up artist has allegedly posted her last Twitter update on the same day they ended their relationship. She hoped that she was a “light” to people she cared for. Is this her indirect way of saying goodbye?

As of the writing time, there is still an ongoing investigation and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact details behind her death.

Did Cathriona White end her life because of the pain from the breakup with Jim Carrey?

May she find the eternal peace she needs.

Photo Source: Cathriona White/Twitter