“Glee” Actor Mark Salling Nabbed By Police Officers; What Are The Charges Accused Against Him?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 10 months ago
“Glee” Actor Mark Salling Nabbed By Police Officers; What Are The Charges Accused Against Him?

Glee became a massive hit TV series back in 2009-2015. This gave a new complexion to the TV viewing habits for musically-inclined individuals. Also, its popularity helped in launching the career of different stars such as Lea Michele. However in a recent news, one of their actors who became a part of the show was nabbed by the police officers.

Last Tuesday, Dec. 29, Mark Salling was arrested by the Los Angeles police officers as reported by NBC News. The reason for the arrest was due to the allegations of the child pornography possession. The LAPD officers dropped by at his home and served the corresponding search warrant. These officials are from the department of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task.



They arrived at approximately 7AM. He was taken immediately to the downtown Los Angeles jail. According to the latest information, he has not yet obtained the services of a lawyer to handle his case when the police officers arrested him. His bail is at the huge value of $20,000 as stated in the booking sheet.

He became popular through the character of Noah Puckerman, more commonly known as Puck in “Glee” on FOX Television. He is also included in the cast of the show “Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets” soon to aired in HBO.

Washington Post reported that back in 2013, he became a center of controversial news because of a charge from his former girlfriend. Roxanne Gorzela filed for lawsuit on the charges of sexual battery.

He firmly stated that the allegations are not true at all. He has also resorted to filing a cross-complaint. The suit ended in an amicable settlement and the judge obliged him to pay her with an amount of $2.7 M.

Are the accusations against “Glee” actor Mark Salling true?

Photo Source: Mark Salling/Facebook