Grimm Season 6 Spoilers, Premiere Season 7 in the Works? Nick, Eve/Juliette Story Arc Focus?

By Mardielyn | 2 months ago
Grimm Season 6 Spoilers, Premiere Season 7 in the Works? Nick, Eve/Juliette Story Arc Focus?
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Grimm Season 6 will soon haunt our TV screens once again as our favorite character, Nick Burkhardt and the Scooby gang makes their way to defeat Black Claw.


As Grimm Season 6 ready up their fans for another mindboggling 13-season finale episode, Grimmsters, on the other hand, are still not giving up their hopes that the series’ showrunners are up for Season 7.

Save Grimm!

According to GameNGuide, it is still unsure whether Grimm Season 7 will have a green signal or not as the sixth part of the show is set to premiere this coming January 2017.

Though fans of the show have been making a lot of online petitions for season 7 and for other networks to pick up the NBC crime procedural drama, it seems like David Greenwalt and the other producers are still convinced that Nick’s story will conclude this coming season.

As of writing, the petition named SAVE OUR SHOW! GRIMM, already have 15,164 supporters out of 16,000 goal.

Based on the petition, Grimm Season 6 showrunners officially canceled the series last August 29 and will only have six seasons. This led the petitioners to call the attention of the show’s EPs.

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“We are petitioning NBC to reconsider their decision or another network such as TNT, to pick it up,” the petitioner noted before adding, “Save Our Show!”

Meanwhile, another petition from appeals to Netflix to pick the show and stream to their network.

The appeal titled Have Netflix pick up the show Grimm after Season 6 already have 11,514 supporters out of 15,000 goal, as of this moment.

Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Nick and Eve/Juliette Story Arc

Reports claimed that if Season 7 will push through, the story might shift from Adalind-Nick to Eve/Juliette-Nick story arc. Instead of having Adalind, Nick andJuliette love  triangle, the focus on season 7 will be Nick, Eve and Juliette.

Monroe and Rosalie in Spinoff

Rumor has it that if Grimm Season 7 will not happen, a spinoff might be NBC’s new project as a treat for the fans.

In the rumored spinoff, Monroe and Rosalie might be the sole focus as everybody knows that an unexpected twist happened to the couple.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Gage Skidmore


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