Half Life 3: Steam Bestows ‘Game That Deserves a Sequel’ Award to Half Life 2

By Ancy John | 2 months ago
Half Life 3: Steam Bestows ‘Game That Deserves a Sequel’ Award to Half Life 2
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There is no denying the fact that Half Life 3 is a much awaited video game. However, makers have refused to talk about the development of the game. Fans found another way to let their demands be known to the makers.


Valve Corporation announced The Steam Awards as part of its Steam Autumn Sale. Players were given the opportunity to cast their votes on various categories. The users could also make their own category as a part of these awards. Fans made good use of it for Half Life 3. 

One of the categories that arose from these awards was the “Game That Deserves a Sequel” award. No points for guessing that the aforementioned award went to Half Life 2 hinting to the makers that the third installment is overdue.

Will Valve Release Half Life 3?

Users at Reddit are encouraging fellow users to show their support for the third sequel of the game by voting in the category. If not anything else, it is clear that a massive amount of fans indeed want the third in the series to be developed, reports Christian Times.

Valve earlier made some progress with the continuation of Half Life 2. However, it turns out that it had nothing to do with Half Life 3. It was a Half-Life 2: Episode Two but fans did not give up. An interview with a programmer from Valve named Jeep Barnett reveals that there could still be some hope left for the resurrection of Half Life 3.

VR Experience for Half Life 3?

Rumors arose that the third installment could contain VR experience. The developer seem to be exploring the facets of VR experience for its games. Barnett did not categorically say no to the possibility of a Half Life 3 development. However, the fate of the game still lies hanging in the air.

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