Halloween In the 1997 Had Donald Trump Doing An Alec Baldwin?

By Prabhu Prasad | 3 months ago
Halloween In the 1997 Had Donald Trump Doing An Alec Baldwin?
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Donald Trump is mostly at the receiving end this Halloween. It wasn’t always so. It turns out that he drew first blood a couple of decades ago.


Halloween is around the corner and Donald Trump finds himself at its cynosure. From his masks to Trumpkins, his theme is selling like hotcakes. Not to mention, the audacious attempt from Jemima Khan in making Trump’s mannequin grope his wife, Melania. Alec Baldwin, on the other hand, is portraying the latter in SNL and he isn’t making the latter look any better.

Esquire reports on the Donald Trump’s Halloween costume from an event in 1997. To make matters interesting, the costume shares an uncanny resemblance to Alec Baldwin’s famous character. Trump is wearing the similar dress to his character in the 1998 movie, Beetlejuice.

Additionally, the hosts of the Halloween party were supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. The New York Fashion Week at Manhattan had Trump as one of the guests and he didn’t disappoint. Furthermore, he was seen wearing a checkered black and white shirt and jeans.

On the other hand, Alec Baldwin did sport a similar outfit in the 1998 movie too. Perhaps, some would argue that the comparison is a little too unconvincing. A closer look at both the pictures of Trump and Baldwin’s character will give enough clarification. It’s highly unlikely that a businessman of his stature went to a Halloween party without a costume.

Alec Baldwin is portraying Donald Trump in SNL and he is doing a fairly good job, needless to say. He often finds himself in the news due to his portrayal and mostly for the right reasons. Baldwin has taken every opportunity to throw Trump in a bad light and spoken out rightly against his candidature.

A while ago, Baldwin told that Trump is built out of intolerance and all the bad things in America from 25 years. On another occasion, he went on to call Trump as a hate monger too. Who’s having the last laugh, though? Is it Donald Trump who went to Halloween as Alec Baldwin’s character in 1997? Perhaps, Alec will stage a come-back? One can only hope.

Happy Halloween!

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Photo Source: Facebook/BeetleJuice


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