Halloween Costume Ideas: What’s Hot and What’s Not? Google Sums It Up

By Prabhu Prasad | 3 months ago
Halloween Costume Ideas: What’s Hot and What’s Not? Google Sums It Up
Halloween Harley Quinn
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Halloween is around the corner and the costumes have an air of skepticism around them. Donald Trump is mainstream and clowns are shady. What else?


Someone, once, famously said that the only thing Google has failed to do, so far, is a fail. Turns out, it might be true after all. Google is an integral part of our lives today, needless to say. From figuring out one’s nastiest fixations to conversing at global levels, Google provides it all. It has a little something for this Halloween too.

Google Trends has an exclusive Halloween site called the Frightgeist. The site has a rather intriguing blue color theme and some smoke moving around the screen. The site provides the details on the Halloween costumes that’s doing the rounds in the trending mill. Additionally, the crux of Frightgeist is the availability of such information on a location basis.

Teen Vogue reports on the contribution of everyone’s favorite search engine towards this year’s Halloween. The site is bringing out the top ten list of the most happening costumes round-the-clock. Furthermore, using the map at the site, enthusiasts can get information on the trends in their local area even.

The site has Harley Quinn trending at the global level at this moment. This doesn’t come much as a surprise in the light of the character’s popularity post Suicide Squad. Matter of fact, Margot Robbie’s character is getting a standalone movie too. Girls are probably going suckers for Harley Quinn makeover and reason is quite overt.

Jared Leto’s Joker might have ambivalent responses, but that doesn’t take away its popularity. Joker and other superheroes from the comics are the subsequent choices so far. The upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean and Wonder Woman movies find themselves as the themes, thanks to the outstanding trailers.

Evergreen witch costumes do not even need a mention here. The festival of the dead is incomplete without the good old witches, of course. Finally, Batman and Star Wars movies are on the list for the obvious reasons. Despite the ongoing uproar and ban on the clowns, festival goers are gambling with the cliche costume nonetheless. Bending a few rules wouldn’t hurt, would it?
Happy Halloween!

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