‘Happy Endings’ Writers Post Cryptic Tweet; Sparks Revival Rumors

By Rachel Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Happy Endings’ Writers Post Cryptic Tweet; Sparks Revival Rumors
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ABC prematurely canceled “Happy Endings” some two years ago after a short three season run and the actors of the series have since moved on to other projects. But recently, fans of the sitcom became excited over the prospect of its revival on the small screen. Is the show really coming back? Read on for the news story below.


Even with “Happy Endings” already off the air, the official Twitter account for the show’s writers tweeted a cryptic message that sent its fans into a frenzy. The tweet lead to a web page that has a countdown and the words, “It’s almost a new day.” Immediately, netizens drew their own assumptions about what this means. The show, it looks like, may be coming back.

It’s interesting to note that half of the cast of the ABC series are actually free to do other projects following this news.

Eliza Couple’s last series, “Benched,” was already canceled by USA Network in January 2015, while Adam Pally’s final episode on “The Mindy Project” has aired. The actor expressed his intention of leaving the show early on, in the fall of 2014. On the same week the mysterious tweet leaked, Damon Wayans Jr. announced her won’t be returning to “New Girl” next season.

Meanwhile, Casey Wilson still has a show on NBC with “Marry Me,” and its renewal status is still in the bubble. Incidentally, David Caspe and some of his writing team from “Marry Me” are part of the original writing team for “Happy Endings,” so their availability, aside from the actors, should also factor in to this whole equation.

Only Elisha Cuthbert and Zachary Knighton remain committed to other projects at the moment as their new shows “One Big Happy” and “Weird Loners” are still going to premiere this midseason on NBC and FOX, respectively.

Curiously, fans note that the date on the countdown on the cryptic tweet falls on Apr. 1, 2015. It suggests that all these could just be an elaborate prank for April Fool’s Day. The twitter account, however, has also followed streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, bolstering rumors that “Happy Endings” may be headed for any of these platforms, much like with “Community.” The latter was canceled by NBC, only to be given another shot at a new season on Yahoo! Screen.

There are no confirmations nor denials from the cast and its writers. Everything remains speculation at this point. But wouldn’t be awesome to have “Happy Endings” back again? The show deserves a second chance, right?

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