Harry Styles Was Found To Wince with Pain When Bottled in His Special Place by One Direction Fans

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Harry Styles Was Found To Wince with Pain When Bottled in His Special Place by One Direction Fans
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Ouch!!! It seems like Harry Styles is not having a good time on stage these days. A fan hit him with a bottle when this ex-One Direction band member was performing on the stage. Read on for more details.


Things are definitely not so rosy for the One Direction band member. The singer seems to having a bad luck with “bottles” these days on the stage. He was hit with a bottle on his lower body by a fan while on stage.

Seems like the band’s fans are not taking the break-up news very well, are they?

Now what was Styles doing that irked his fans? Well, all he was doing was spraying his audience with water from his own bottle from the stage. Then, all of a sudden, a bottle flew towards him sending Harry into a crunched up position and hurting him like mad.

According to Mirror, the band member has not been smacked for the first time with a bottle in the last week but “at least till now he had been only hit in his head and not at his special area.”

On an earlier occasion, it happened when 1D members were acknowledging its fans for coming to watch the show but as Styles was walking down the runway that was located right in the middle of the audience, an object was hurled at him and hit him on his head,

In a recent video that was posted on Twitter, viewers can watch objects going through the air while the star recoiled and raised his hand as a defensive gesture right after this painful incident.

Fans could be heard screaming at a girl who was apparently behind this bottle throwing incident while she was found to be amused and laughing at this unpleasant incident.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Harry Styles


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