‘Haunted Mansion’ On The Making? Guillermo del Toro Eyes Ryan Gosling To Lead The Movie

By Mardielyn | 1 year ago
‘Haunted Mansion’ On The Making? Guillermo del Toro Eyes Ryan Gosling To Lead The Movie

The hunting continues!

Guillermo del Toro update fans about the latest development of “Haunted Mansion” Disney film—the last we heard was that Ryan Gosling was in talks to star in the film. Will the director confirm the movie  now?


For several years, del Toro has been developing a “Haunted Mansion” film for Disney, but no one knew about its latest development—he just keeps on teasing the fans for years.

As we all know, del Toro as a movie director is one of a kind—he has a unique way to approach each scene in a movie, and he’s not only a well-known director for nothing, but he’s also one of the ambitious guys when it comes to lining up potential projects and cast as he tapped the ladies ideal boyfriend, Ryan Gosling as one of the cast in “Haunted Mansion.”

As the Screen Crush reported, the 50-year-old director is a huge fan of Disney classic attractions and it could be seen in his upcoming “Crimson Peak” that looks like it could inspire Disney to really get moving on the “Haunted Mansion.” And it seems like the film project he’s most passionate about is now in the early stages of discussion as del Toro finally gave some real news report about it.

According to del Toro, “‘All you can do is develop the screenplays, send them in, get a reaction, get the budget, agree or disagree on budget and so forth. Every project goes through the same thing.’”

The director also explained why he always ends up having so many projects piled up in the air at once. According to del Toro, people always ask him why do he have five movies in development. He simply answers them, that he has five because one happens.

It has been five years since del Toro announced his “Haunted Mansion” project  at Comic-Con, where attendees also received an exclusive promotional poster for the project. But since then,  not much has happened.

But, it was reported that del Toro already had an idea about “Haunted Mansion” monsters. His vision centers mostly around the forgotten Hatbox Ghost in the Haunted Mansion attraction that was removed shortly after due to technical difficulties, but del Toro was reported to be fascinated by it—meaning, it is possible that it could be part of the film.

On the other hand, The Wrap reported that its not entirely surprising if the 34-year-old actor, Ryan Gosling and del Toro work together since they both participated in a SXSW filmmaker panel together, they were even spotted hanging out at Disneyland, where they were reported to have bonded over their love of Disney-things.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Haunted Mansion

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