High-Profiled CEO Shows Respect For BIGBANG As A Group!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
High-Profiled CEO Shows Respect For BIGBANG As A Group!

If fans will be asked as to how much they love BIGBANG, of course their answers will be endless. How about if a high-profiled CEO would be asked for his opinion about the group? What will his words be? Read On!

In a report by Soompi, Mr Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of the renowned YG Entertainment, showed how deep his respect is for the worldwide-famous all-boy group. He has just recently given an interview to Newsen on October 4 in which he revealed to everyone that their contract to YG Entertainment will come to an end the following year.


He shared that he spent nearly a decade with BIGBANG and have been together with the members for a long 15 years. These boys will then go to the required military service for men in South Korea. Yang wanted to continue working with them as they return from the army. He even added “As long as my involvement in their work will help them in the future, I would like to work with them as long as possible. They are my close friends. I care for them a lot.”


According to Hype, Korean men between 18-35 yrs old should finish the military service that will last for five weeks for their basic training and 21 months as an on-call active soldier. The members are 24 (Seungri’s), 26 (Daesung’s), 27 (Taeyang and G-Dragon), and 28 (T.O.P), respectively.

Many fans hope this would not be the end of their career as the two-year hiatus will just make them more excited for the group’s comeback. In the same article, the first few years of the group was recalled. G-Dragon became a part of the YG Entertainment family at a young age of 12. Through this agency, he also met Taeyang.

They were about to be introduced as the hip hop tandem GDYB first but later on in 2006, the BIGBANG was formed composing five talented and good-looking young men namely Daesung, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri, and Taeyang. Well, the rest is history.

Where will BIGBANG head to next after they depart from YG Entertainment? Whatever their next steps will be, they will surely be supported by their multitude of followers.

Photo Source: Bigbang/Facebook