Homeland Season 4 Finale Recap: Long Time Coming

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Finale Recap: Long Time Coming
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The season finale of “Homeland” Season 4 Episode 12 “Long Time Coming” received a lot of criticisms. Everyone anticipated a death-defying and action-packed finale, but most fans were quite disappointed that it didn’t turn out the way they expected it to. Read on to learn more about this episode.


The main question is: What’s Dar Adal doing in Haqqani’s car? We finally have learned the truth. First, the obvious: he was working with Haqqani in some way, but it may be in the benefit of the CIA, specifically get Saul his kob back. Since Saul was the best candidate to take Lockhart’s seat, he still can’t because of his hostage footage that made him look like a crazy old man, and  no one would trust someone like that. It turned out that Dar Adal was able to get that footage by Haqqani himself.

However, it’s not a happy ending for Saul because that only means that he owes Haqqani a favor now to get the CIA job. He didn’t confirm whether he’s taking the job or not, but there’s a bigger possibility that he would.

Then there was the whole post-funeral kiss that Quinn and Carrie shared. It was also surprising that Carrie’s mother finally showed up and a half-brother too! And Quinn also volunteered himself to go to Iraq. We wonder whether next season Carrie will go there as well to finally continue the “almost” relationship with Quinn, especially now that she learned that she could actually have a good shot at love. Thanks to her mother’s appearance and how she learned that her parents split wasn’t because her dad’s bipolar.  

To wrap this up, we think that the fourth season of “Homeland” ended pretty well. It wasn’t that action-packed or the kind of ending that would make you feel full of enthusiasm — it’s more on the sad part, yet you know that there’s something better to look forward to in the next season.

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