Homeland Season 4 Recap: Iron in the Fire

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Recap: Iron in the Fire
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It looks like they have not gotten rid of a terrorist yet, and he might just be using the whole thing as a cover up. In the latest episode of “Homeland” Season 4 Episode 4 “Iron in the Fire,” Carrie and his team came across a game changer, which meant that they need to devise a different plan. Read on for the full recap.


The CIA has accidentally struck a farmhouse that has Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani in it, only to find out that a wedding was going on, and there were civilians inside. It was too late to abort the mission, and 40 people died. All along, the CIA thought that Haiisam was one of them. There was also Sandy’s death that they have been probing about. Apparently, he was stomped to death by the mob, but there was a loophole that Saul clearly saw.

Fara Sharazi saw Aayan Ibrahim, the lone survivor of the airstrike and the one who has the video, giving Haqqani medications. Fortunately, Sharazi got the whole exchange recorded. Carrie saw the video and said that changes the game. She figured out the whole thing right away — Haqqani wants the CIA to think that he’s dead so they will stop tracking him. When they do, that’s when he will strike America. She also thought that there’s something more behind Sandy’s murder.

Carrie went to her mentor, Saul Berenson, for help. He asked Bunran’s help so he could talk with a trustworthy ISI official. Bunny was actually against this because he thinks that this is not the right time for them to trust anyone. Saul thought that Sandy’s death wasn’t just because of the mob. He thought that someone from the ISI was involved.

We also learned that Professor Dennis Boyd stole documents from his wife, Martha Boyd, and gave the documents to Sandy. Sandy used that documents to gather information about the terrorist that they are targeting. Nasneem approached Dennis and told him that she knows his partner, Sandy. Even if he’s already dead, that doesn’t mean that they should stop communicating and helping one another. This freaked Dennis out that he almost ran away, only to be blocked by two men. Nasneem told him to do her a favor, and she will let him go as a free man, but if he doesn’t, she will send the documents that he stole from his wife to the FBI headquarters in Washington.

Meanwhile, Carrie came up with a plan: stalking horse. Knowing that Aayan wants to go the a medical school in England and he’s a college student with raging hormones, she used this to her advantage. She came up to him, promised him that they’ll take him to England, seduced him and kissed him.

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