House of Cards Season 5 Premiere & Spoilers: Michael Kelly Talks Donald Trump’s Inspired Character

By Neha Bakshi | 2 months ago
House of Cards Season 5 Premiere & Spoilers: Michael Kelly Talks Donald Trump’s Inspired Character

House of Cards the political drama series will begin Season 5 early next year. In the update, the sources also mention that there will be a new character introduced who will resemble Donald Trump.


Indeed, the series brings in a lot of inspiration from the real life happenings and events.

Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton in House of Cards Season 5?

The latest rumors are that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) will possibly fight two opponents in next season. They will resemble and apparently inspired by the real life figures Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, unlike the real election results, Clinton will win the Presidential run.

Michael Kelly who plays Doug Stamper in House of Cards noted that this is just a sheer coincidence. Furthermore, he added that the script was one almost a year in advance and the events were just running in a similar fashion.  (Via Gack Hollywood)

Although he didn’t mention anything about Trump, but there are rumors that the character will appear later. Perhaps maybe after the highly anticipated death aka assassination of Frank Underwood by one of his close aides.

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Frank Underwood’s Assassination


Fans continue to speculate that Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will plan the assassination with the help of Stamper.

It seems that the show runners may use the Trump effect to intensify the political drama. Showrunner will be having ample of new subjects to discuss if they bring on Donald Trump really in the script.

House of Cards season 5 is likely to premiere in February or March 2017. So far, no official dates have been announced on same. Show creator Beau Willimon has stepped down for the current season.

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