Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361: Show to Re-start in 2017 as Takeuchi Replace Yoshihiro Togashi?

By Sangati Jogwar | 3 months ago
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361: Show to Re-start in 2017 as Takeuchi Replace Yoshihiro Togashi?
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 To Release in Mid-2017?
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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 may come on air in 2017. There is no particular date for the release. However, fans can now expect it to re-start on television anytime soon. The show took a break following ailing back of the creator Yoshihiro Togashi. But now, his wife, Naoko Takeuchi is gearing up to take over his role.


Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 is one of the most awaited episodes. The show has taken a long break. It is troubling fans whether the show will come back on television or not. According to few speculations, the showrunners may cancel the series. It is because the health of the Japanese creator is worsening day by day. But the good news is that his wife, Takeuchi, who is also a manga artist is ready to take over his role.

According to Parent Herald, the show has been on hiatus for more than a few months due to deteriorating the health of Togashi. He is suffering from excruciating back pain. Shueisha even tried to hire new writers to continue with the script and make the release of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 possible. However, the new writers could not match the creativity of Togashi and hence, the project could not proceed further.

Takeuchi Takes Over?

A new report suggests that the wife of the Japanese creator has already started scripting Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361. She herself is an acclaimed manga artist credited for the Sailor Moon creation. Hence, the showrunner is expecting her to match the creativity level of Togashi and ensure that the show continues smoothly without compromising on quality.

Chapter 360 Recap

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 showed that Kurapika is eager to learn about the Nen user who is behind the killings of the ship. It ended in a cliffhanger making the fans more anxious to see the following episode. The show certainly has a lot of potentials to continue for another season at least. And the showrunner does not want to disappoint its manga fans.

Hence, it has taken steps to hire Takeuchi to complete illustrating Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 so that fans can watch their favorite show sooner.

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