Ice Cube Stars in Disney’s Live-Action Hip-Hop Musical Oliver Twist

By Nathalie | 2 months ago
Ice Cube Stars in Disney’s Live-Action Hip-Hop Musical Oliver Twist
Ice Cube

Who would have thought that Ice Cube will ever be signed to do anything with Disney. Not only was his younger days almost the opposite of a typical Disney tale but his music also does not entirely go with it. So to have him in a Disney live action musical was beyond anyone’s imagination.


Ice Cube Signs As Part Of Oliver Twist Live-Action Musical

According to a report by Screen Crush, the famous rapper signed on to star, write and produce the live action musical remake of Oliver Twist for the house of mouse. He will be working with famed director Thomas Kail who is known for his work on Hamilton. Cube will be updating the Victorian orphan pickpockets to the present day sociological situation.

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The remake is almost like how the recent Annie movie was able to update its story. Not only was the time setting changed but also the diversity of the cast members. Like Oliver Twist, Annie was originally a white girl who have always been portrayed by a white actress. Some say that the recent Annie movie did not do well in the box office because people were not ready for that change yet. But then, the “change” is happening everywhere and people have to realize that these characters can be as versatile as one’s imagination.

And that is why Ice Cube’s take on white boy Oliver Twist is definitely something to look forward to. On top of that, the musical will not be a typical Disney score as it is also reported that the project will have a hip-hop inspiration to it.

Ice Cube Is Not Far Off Oliver Twist’s Roots

Of course, Ice Cube and Oliver Twist are very different at face value. However, their beginning is somewhat similar. This can make a lot of difference with how an actor portrays a character.

Ice Cube knows very well how tough it is to be in the city streets. And while both of them are trying to stay out of trouble with the law, they are also trying to make their lives better and make a half-honest earning.

Stay tuned for more updates on Oliver Twist live action musical starring Ice Cube.

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