Iglesia Ni Cristo Film ‘Felix Manalo’ Easily Broke World Records: Gained Respect From Guinness Adjudicators

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Iglesia Ni Cristo Film ‘Felix Manalo’ Easily Broke World Records: Gained Respect From Guinness Adjudicators

Iglesia Ni Cristo is one of the most influential religious groups in the Philippines. It has followers from different parts of the world as well. Recently, a film was created featuring the life of its founder into which the title of this film is based upon. “Felix Manalo” received recognition from Guinness Book of World Records as it had beaten two previous records. Read on.

As reported by Yibada, “Felix Manalo” was first shown on Philippine Arena located in Bocaue, Bulacan. The said film premiere was attended by 43, 624 individuals. This large number immediately surpassed the two records: Largest Attendance for a Film Premiere (LAFP) and Largest Attendance for a Film Screening (LAFS).


The former was last held by the movie “Honor Flight” which was watched by 28, 442 people in Miller Park at Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2012. The latter record was previously held by “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” that has 10,000 moviegoers who attended in London last 2008.


According to CNN Philippines, the Guinness adjudicators showed so much respect and admiration for how the particular film screening broke two records. These adjudicators are Victoria Tweedey and Marco Frigatti. One of them said, “The greatest merit in this record is the logistical capacity and the capacity to attract so many people to come to a film premiere.” The video of the greetings from Guinness is posted by Eagle News, the Iglesia Ni Cristo-owned media outlet.

The 43, 624 attendees were counted based on the movie ticket stubs for the premiere. The Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders, Dennis Trillo, and Bela Padilla received the recognition in behalf of the whole INC community. Trillo portrayed Felix Manalo while Padilla gave life to Honorata de Guzman-Manalo, his beloved wife.

The film is directed by award-winning Joel Lamangan and was written by INC Bro. Bienvenido Santiago. Last Oct. 7, 2015, “Felix Manalo” hit the theaters.

Photo Source: The Iglesia Ni Cristo/Facebook