‘I’m Not in a Great Place’—Vogue Williams Finally Speaks Out Over Brian McFadden Breakup; How Does She Feel After Unexpected Split?

By Mardielyn | 1 year ago
‘I’m Not in a Great Place’—Vogue Williams Finally Speaks Out Over Brian McFadden Breakup; How Does She Feel After Unexpected Split?
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It’s really over! Vogue Williams finally speaks out over Brian McFadden breakup.


Fans are shocked when Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams announced their split on Twitter last month. Though they are soon to part ways, the 29-year-old model wife of the former Westife star admitted that she still misses the latter.

Williams and McFadden, who called it quits last month has been mum about the breakup, but recently Vogue decided to finally open up about it to stop the rumors about the real reason behind their decision.

In her New! Magazine interview, Williams was asked how she’s feeling now since the split. In return, she calmly responded that she’s alright, and she’s not the best that they want to keep the details to themselves.

According to Williams, it’s not that there are any huge details or anything, they just don’t want to discuss the details of their divorce and want to keep it between the two of them. “For us, it’s not a tit for tat situation. I’d hate that.”

Though Williams does not want to talk about her split, still, a sensitive subject was brought up—McFadden’s ex-wife, Kerry Katona was mentioned during her interview. The latter has been speculated many times regarding their split and Williams was less than happy to discuss the rumors.

“I literally have nothing to say sorry about that. Sorry.”

On the other hand, Williams also had an interview with Irish Sun. She clarified that no one else was involved in the breakup—no third party at all! McFadden was not having an affair, she was not with anyone.

“It was nothing to do with that…it just didn’t work out,” Williams admitted.

She also added that maybe that’s the reason why they find it easier to be friends, but she also revealed that she has struggled emotionally since going with the news.

“I didn’t get married to get divorced,” she said.“I’m not in a great place.”

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Photo Source: Facebook| Brian McFadden & Vogue Williams


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