Indiana Jones 5 Won’t Be Around Anytime Soon

By Chan Lasan | 4 days ago
Indiana Jones 5 Won’t Be Around Anytime Soon
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Indiana Jones fans have a bit of waiting to do before they can see the ol’ archeologist crack his whip again. How long a wait? Probably around two and a half years, if all goes according to plan.


The news that an Indiana Jones 5 movie is in the works was received enthusiastically by avid fans of the franchise. However, it also seemed inevitable, given that Harrison Ford’s star is once again on the rise The actor’s return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens appears to have whetted moviegoers’ appetites for more of Ford’s classic roles.

Given that it has been years since the last Indiana Jones movie, fans are getting antsy about its release. But as Cinema Blend reported that the film will not be arriving for a few more years. As a matter of fact, it is not even in the pre-production stage.

The sad news was revealed by Frank Marshall himself, long-time producer of the franchise. When prompted on where David Koepp is with the script, Marshall admitted that it is “still in the thinking stages.” He also pointed out that he is technically on the sidelines until the studio comes up with an idea on where they want the film to go.

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Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones

Will Wiewers See the Whole Indiana Jones Family?

But where can the film go? The fourth movie saw Indiana marrying his long-lost love Marion, with their son beaming happily by their side. However, there is no news on whether Shia LaBeouf or Karen Allen will reprise their roles in the next film.

With the script still being developed, casting remains at a standstill. However, the old Indiana Jones team are apparently all on board. Steven Spielberg will be back to direct and has also confirmed that he’ll be co-producing with George Lucas.

The upcoming film won’t be the last one in the franchise, so, viewers can breathe easy about Indiana. There is no way the cocky scientist will be hitting the bucket anytime soon. So fans should just be patient as Indiana Jones 5 will be here before they know it.

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