“It Just Didn’t Work Out”, 5SOS Ashton Irwin Finally Speaks On His Failed Relationship With Bryana Holly

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 12 months ago
“It Just Didn’t Work Out”, 5SOS Ashton Irwin Finally Speaks On His Failed Relationship With Bryana Holly

5SOS Ashton Irwin understood a new lesson in life and love—that everything has a time and one need to fix his priorities first. However, he learned this the hard way due to the recent fallout of his relationship with Bryana Holly. Allegedly, it was his decision to call it quits. If this is true, then what potentially triggered the breakup?

Report from UnrealityTV stated that Irwin finally breaks his silence about the issue of their failed relationship. In an interview with Howard Stern, he shared his realization that it was too much for him to balance his career and relationship.


With several commitments like concert tours, he barely even have time for himself and other things he wants to do. Hence, getting into a serious relationship seems futile while he is still at the peak of his career.


The 5SOS member further explained :“I tried to have a relationship and it just didn’t work out. I’ve been away for six months and it just doesn’t… I was kind of seeing someone for about a year, but I worked it out and I’d been with them for approximately two months out of that year.”

Although he didn’t mention anything about Bryana Holly, he confirmed that his former girlfriend is a model. When asked if she works as a model, he replied “Uh… she does do stuff like that, yeah.”

Before the confirmation of the breakup, fans already speculated it didn’t work through their latest action online. According to HollywoodLife, the former couple unfollowed each other’s respective account. It seems like they don’t want to keep in touch while their hearts are still mending.

Even if 5SOS Ashton Irwin had a failure this year in romance, his fans continue to shower him with another form of love and admiration which shows that life will go on no matter what happens.

Photo Source: 5 Seconds of Summer/Facebook