James Bond: Daniel Craig’s Bond May Fight Blofeld Again In Bond 25

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
James Bond: Daniel Craig’s Bond May Fight Blofeld Again In Bond 25
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James Bond is undoubtedly the biggest spy franchise in the world. With a gentleman spy like Bond moving around destroying everything he lays his hands on, every movie is worth remembering.


With Daniel Craig playing current Bond and rumored to be returning for Bond 25, what can the fans expect to see in the movie?

Going by the events of the previous movie, Bond let his arch nemesis Blofeld live. Clearly, it is not the last time fans will be seeing the character. Keeping in mind this, here is why Bond’s biggest enemy could return.

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By choosing to let Blofeld live, Bond pretty much left a clue that the villain will return. The way with which Blofeld was looking at Bond leave, it was pretty certain that he will strike back with bigger impact.


Image source: Facebook/James Bond 007


If and when Blofeld returns in the next movie, his attack will make sure to hurt Bond where it hurts the most. If Madeline Swann’s character is a part of that movie, chances are that she will be killed first to set off the rest of the story.

Storyline of James Bond in Bond 25 

If Blofeld will be seen again in Bond 25, it would be better to base the whole storyline on his enmity with Bond. In Spectre, the makers did touch up really well on his equation with Bond but Blofeld revealed himself much later in the movie.

Bond 25 will have to take things to the next level and re-introduce the supervillain in a way that is quite different than other movies.

Unfinished business

Even in Spectre, the final scene between Bond and Blofeld gives a feeling that their last moment was somewhat incomplete. That moment alone is more than enough to prove that Blofeld will be back.

Even if the movie is not Bond 25, there would be other movies, which would accommodate him.

Metro reported that Sir Roger Moore was praising Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond and stated that Daniel Craig is quite extraordinary. The veteran actor also mentioned that he would be heart-broken if the makers fail to get him onboard for the next movie.

Bond 25 does not have a release date yet.

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Photo source: Facebook/James Bond 007


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