Jamie Dornan Did His Part For A Charity Work: Celebrity Gogglebox Viewers Delighted To See His Laidback Side

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Jamie Dornan Did His Part For A Charity Work: Celebrity Gogglebox Viewers Delighted To See His Laidback Side

Jamie Dornan is not your ordinary star. Known for his daring and hot portrayal of Christian Grey, fans definitely laud his performance for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film. Then just recently, fans were in for a treat to see another side of him to the public.

According to Daily Mail, Dornan appeared in the latest episode of Celebrity Gogglebox last Oct. 9, 2015. This was definitely anticipated by the viewers as evidenced by how they shared their reactions on social media. They can’t simply hide their admiration and love for the actor.


In the episode, Dornan was seen in his usual adoring, gorgeous, and attractive look. His attire is as simple as a comfortable shirt, skinny jeans, and trainer shoes. Thanks to that white shirt he wore, for it showed more his masculinity. His facial hair helped in giving off that rugged look and fatherly figure.


Celebrity Gogglebox, which is airing on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, has the noble goal of raising funds to support the organization “Sand Up To Cancer.” His appearance in the show, alongside with Boy George, Geri Halliwell, Miranda Hart, and Nick Frost attracted millions of audience. In the article from Digital Spy, the average viewership was 16% or a staggering 3, 260,000 individuals. An increase of 3.5% of the viewers watched on Channel 4+1. This is equivalent to around 515,000 people.

The whole atmosphere of the program dwelt in a good taste of humor.  The actor is sitting comfortably in a couch, munching on his pizza together with a buddy. He admitted his eco-friendly character stating that he wants a man-bag over the typical plastic bags.

With this light side of Jamie Dornan seen by more of his fans, the support for his career would definitely continue to pour in. Not only does he made these viewers smile but also make the beneficiaries of the charitable organization happy.

Photo Source: Jamie Dornan/Facebook