Jamie Oliver Ruthless? Celebrity Chef To Fire 40 Employees A Day Before Christmas

By Martin Suan | 11 months ago
Jamie Oliver Ruthless? Celebrity Chef To Fire 40 Employees A Day Before Christmas

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been branded as someone who is ruthless by his employees following the decision to fire 40 of them.

Oliver’s employees at his Notting Hill cookery shop, Reciepease, have expressed their disappointment and sadness after learning that the management have decided to fire them a day before Christmas.


Yes people, it’s a day before Christmas.

“Christmas is the worst time to lose your job. The management have been ruthless,” a staff member told The Times via London Loves Business report.

Employees also said Oliver has given them no olive branches and that they were disappointed with the decision because of the hard work and time they have invested just to make the celebrity chef’s shop prosper.

Nevertheless, the company has reportedly assured that those who would be sacked on Dec. 24 are going to be paid until the end of January next year.

The shop would also continue to open until the end of 2015, Daily Mail reported.

Following the decision to fire employees, Oliver’s spokesperson released a statement that said, “Over the last year, the Jamie Oliver Group has made a decision to focus on core businesses and this has meant streamlining the company in certain areas. As part of this effort, the group has decided to close the last Recipease store in Notting Hill.”

The spokesperson has also said the company would give other jobs where possible.

According to one staff member, the real person to be blamed was Jamie Oliver’s brother-in-law Paul Hunt, although Oliver could step in and change the decision.

Since Hunt’s installment, a lot has been changed and part of that was the dismissal of the shop’s employees.

It was also known that Hunt was a former futures trader. He was fined for £60,000 and got banned for one year due to an alleged insider dealing back in 1999.



Photo source: Facebook|Jamie Oliver