Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers: Michael Quits Job, Know The Reasons

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 months ago
Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers: Michael Quits Job, Know The Reasons
Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 will not air on Monday, Dec. 5 as the show has gone on a winter break. Thus, Season 3 returns with new episodes in January.


The mid-season finale of Jane The Virgin Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger. Episode 7 revealed a shocking family secret of young Mateo’s father, Rafael. Also, in the episode, Jane’s father, Rogelio, was seen finding a new love interest.

Here is what happened in Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 7.

Rafael’s Family Secret

The Episode 7, of Jane The Virgin Season 3, begins with young Mateo’s father, Rafael objecting Jane for taking Mateo to church. Everything appears to be normal, until Rafael gets stuck to traumatic childhood memories in a church.

Meanwhile, Michael’s investigation related to character Mutter leads to some details of stolen art from a convent. Rafael knew about the same but he kept the secret of the involvement of his father into this, reports TV Line.

The website further adds the twist in the plot takes place when Mateo’s father Rafael takes a tour of the convent. Here, he meets a nun named Sister Constantine. She spills the beans on the stolen art form and also hands over an envelope to him. Inside the envelope lies the biggest secret about Rafael’s family.

The envelope given by the nun is a birth certificate which Rafael hands over to Jane. She finds out that it is Rafael’s birth certificate which reveals that he was actually born in Italy and he is not a Solano!

If Rafael does not belong to Solano family, then who is he? Is there a mysterious past attached to Rafael’s life?

Rogelio Finds New Love

Episode 7 appeared to be quite serious, not until Rogelio’s entry. Rogelio is into a new search for true love who will have his baby. For this, he goes to celebrity matchmaker Darci Factor.

The website further reports that Rogelio’s sincere desire to have another child quite impresses Darci. Hence, instead of finding him a match, she tries to set him up with herself.

Will Rogelio ditch Xiomara and get hooked with Darci Factor? This will be revealed when Episode 8 returns in January.

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Jane’s Messy Cousin

Day by day, Jane’s cousin is becoming a trouble for Jane. Her actions in the mid-season finale are quite shocking to Jane. She feels that her cousin sister is up to creating some big mess.

TV Line reports that Catalina, Jane’s cousin, did not attend a charity gala and instead of that, met an unknown man. Jane, who tracked her, found out that Catalina was not even on the gala guest list of charity gala. This means she lied to her.

But why did Catalina do that to Jane? Is she up to some dark business? It will be interesting to watch what comes next in January from this story arc.

What’s Next In Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8?

The promo of Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 reveals that Michael is quitting his job. He wants to be a stand-up comedian. Although Jane is not very much impressed with his new job idea, she appears to support her husband.

Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 will air on Jan 23 on CW network.

Watch the promo here.

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