Jennifer Falls Recap: Dogs and Dads

By Rachel Cruz | 2 years ago
Jennifer Falls Recap: Dogs and Dads

“Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 8 “Dogs and Dads” aired on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. It was Gretchen’s 16th birthday, and the family prepared a celebration. Gretchen’s dad, who has been absent for most of his daughter’s life, came to the party, and he brought a big surprise. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Gretchen (Dylan Gelula) turned sixteen, and Jennifer (Jaime Pressly) planned to have a fun party with her daughter and the rest of the family. Only, Adam (Chris D’Elia), Gretchen’s father, called to say he would be coming over. Since the mother and daughter are  used to the fact that Adam doesn’t hold on to his promises nor stick around to really bond with the girls, they were skeptical of Adam’s visit.


Since the birth of Gretchen, Adam, a musician, was always in and out of their lives. The only one really excited about seeing Adam again was Jennifer’s mother Maggie (Jessica Walter), who apparently has a crush on Adam, and to some extent, Jennifer’s best friend Dina (Missi Pyle) has a crush on him too. They both said Adam is one hot man.

So Gretchen’s father arrived and handed his present to her in a small box. Inside it was a key chain, and the key that’s supposed to be attached to it was on the key’s ignition — in the car that was parked in front of the house. Gretchen was thrilled, but Jennifer was suspicious about where Adam got the money for the car. Was it stolen? Was it bought with drug money? Adam said that he’s been doing pretty well with his music, so he thought the car would be an appropriate gift. In her excitement, Gretchen, who used to address her dad as “Adam,” started calling him “Dad.” She took the car around for a spin with her boyfriend Taylor (Nick Roux).

That night, Gretchen told her mom that it looked like her dad was coming around this time, so he might be really trying to get on her good side. Jennifer didn’t want her daughter’s feelings crushed, so she reminded her about what her father is like so she won’t get her hopes up.

Back in Jennifer’s room, Adam was actually quietly waiting for her. Just like old times, they sneaked and had sex. Because they didn’t want anyone knowing they’ve been hooking up, Adam left the house through Jennifer’s window. As he was leaving, he saw that Taylor was also at Gretchen’s window, so Adam confronted his daughter’s boyfriend. It got so loud that the neighbors called the police.

More than Jennifer finding out that Taylor was sneaking in and out of Gretchen’s room, Gretchen was shocked that her parents hooked up. She didn’t understand why they couldn’t be together, but they were doing this. Maggie, meanwhile, only wanted to know why no one wanted to use the door because the guys who were using the windows were ruining her plants.

Adam was having beer at Wayne’s bar when Gretchen walked in, joking about letting her have a beer too. But in a more serious tone, Gretchen asked her father why he wasn’t around much. In all honesty, Adam told her, “It was the biggest mistake of my life. The more time went by, the harder it became to fix it.” The two decided they would go and get ice cream.

Meanwhile, Jennifer turned to Dina for advice on what to do with Adam. She didn’t like that she was kinda into him, but more so, she didn’t like that Adam came back bringing Gretchen a very significant present, which seemed to take away all the hard work she has done for her daughter. She said she practically raised her alone for sixteen years. Dina made her realize that despite all of what Adam had been missing out on, Jennifer and Gretchen were never alone. They had help from her, from her mother and Wayne and Stephanie. Dina also said that it wouldn’t be so bad for Gretchen to have her father trying to be in her life right now.

Jennifer chased after Gretchen and Adam, who were getting ice cream, so that they could all talk. But her car was not in the best condition. Dina was actually trying to fix this all day, so Jennifer ended up having a hard time driving it. She even got a ticket from the traffic cops because she had been driving badly. Anyway, when she finally got hold of the two, she told Gretchen that it would be great if her dad wants to be part of her life, and she was fine with that.

Later, mother and daughter had another serious conversation about Adam.


GRETCHEN: “I am old enough to know that Dad’s gonna come and go, and you’re always gonna be here.”

JENNIFER: “Yeah, you’re stuck with me.”

But at the last minute, guess who came knocking on the door? Gretchen’s dad decided to reschedule his band’s tour so he can stay with the girls for a while.


As a side B to this week’s episode, Wayne (Ethan Suplee) adopted a dog, which he named Hank. Since he was excited to have a baby, he thought that the dog would be good to have first to prepare for fatherhood.  But Hank only listened to Stephanie (Nora Kirkpatrick); he was out of control with Wayne. Stephanie, though, felt really guilty about not telling her husband that she is taking birth control pills, as seen in the episode “School Trouble,”  so she confessed this fact to the dog while they were alone.

Hank accidentally ate chocolate cake that it made him sick. Wayne brought him to the vet and then nursed him for the rest of the night, making Stephanie all the more guilty knowing Wayne would make a very good father. When will she finally tell him what she has been doing?

And that’s what happened this week on “Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 8 “Dogs and Dads,” which aired on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land.  Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this show.

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