Jerry Hall IS Dating Rupert Murdoch; What Is Mick Jagger’s Take On His Ex-Girlfriend’s Unlikely Match?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Jerry Hall IS Dating Rupert Murdoch; What Is Mick Jagger’s Take On His Ex-Girlfriend’s Unlikely Match?

Do not be surprised if you see high profile couple, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall attending the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday. Here are all the interesting tid-bits about Rupert and Jerry. Read on to know more.



The two most improbable lovers in the world; meet Rupert Murdoch, the 84-year-old media baron and his love interest Jerry Hall, 59, the famous Texan model.

The match was confirmed very recently by their friends. Rupert Murdoch is known to be a ruthless and brilliant businessman, while Jerry Hall is known to be a pretty social butterfly who has often put up with Mick Jagger, her former boyfriend’s infidelities. While it may surprise many, apparently the two of them have been going out for many weeks bow after they were introduced to each other by one of Murdoch’s sisters and niece.

Rupert is very pleased and Jerry keeps making him laugh, a source added.

The story of their match was published on Sunday by The Mail and immediately went viral. Later on, The Sunday Times, which is Rupert’s own newspaper, reported it too.

As they appear at Twickenham, it will make their association public in the United Kingdom. This follows their appearances together in New York where they watched the famous musical “Hamilton”.

The duo have been apparently spending their time together in California. The couple is quite different from each other. Jerry is known to have a fondness towards men younger than her–such as her former boyfriends Tim Attias, a banker and George Waud, a movie producer. She also is drawn to conventionally handsome looking guys like Armand Leroi, 51, who is a scientist.

Jerry Hall likes charismatic men like Mick Jagger and is known to show preferences for cultured guys. She is also known to prefer men who she can introduce to people like Tom Stoppard, a playwright who is in her own social circle. Rupert Murdoch is not known to have traits that match any of these.

So it was not surprising when a friend said that if someone heard that Jerry was dating even Rupert Everett, they would have less surprised.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons