Jimmy Fallon Divorce Rumor: Cheating Allegations True? ‘The Tonight Show’ Host Caught Up in Another Accident

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
Jimmy Fallon Divorce Rumor: Cheating Allegations True? ‘The Tonight Show’ Host Caught Up in Another Accident

Months ago, Jimmy Fallon suffered from a hand injury, which nearly lost him his finger and brought him a trip to the intensive care unit for ten days. While “The Tonight Show” host said that the accident came from a trip in their kitchen, several reports claimed that there is more to his accident than meets the eye. Now, a recent report seemingly hints that there could be some truth behind these cheating allegations. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the funniest and wittiest hosts to ever brave the television screens. It really isn’t such a surprise that many fans started worrying when news about Fallon’s hospitalization made rounds on the Internet. As previously reported here on Movie News Guide, the 40-year-old talk show host almost lost his finger, which he claimed was from a fall in their kitchen.


Back then, several reports stated that Fallon’s hand injury allegedly came from being “two sheets to the wind after night on the town with young women.” While that rumor has already been debunked following a statement from Fallon’s rep, who said that Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen are “happily married,” a new report seemingly hints that there could really be more to this injury than meets the eye.

The police refuse to release a copy of the 911 call and related documents during Fallon’s accident at home, Radar Online reported. This seemingly gives off an impression that Fallon’s accident at home definitely had something to do more than just tripping and falling in the kitchen.

Why is the police withholding this information when several tapes of 911 calls have been released in the past? According to the NYPD’s Legal Bureau, the decision to withhold the clip from the public is to prevent an “unwarranted invasion of privacy.” While there could really be more to Fallon’s injury, it seems like the talk show host is just simply accident prone, as Fallon was recently met with yet another accident; this time, it’s a chipped front tooth.

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