Josh Duggar Rumor Mills Working Over Time on His Appearance on Counting On!

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 months ago
Josh Duggar Rumor Mills Working Over Time on His Appearance on Counting On!
Josh Duggar appear on the show?

Josh Duggar probably had enough of Counting On. TLC and the Duggar family also made claims that he will never be coming back to the show. But if you believe rumors and speculators, they are pretty adamant that he made an appearance on the show fairly recently. How is that even possible when the show’s producers made tall claims on his planned absence from the current season of Counting On?


Josh Duggar Not Coming Back On Counting On!

Josh Duggar has seen it all. The father of four was formerly seen as the center of controversies since last couple of years. Scandals have surrounded him for much part of his fame. He is recently back from rehab to his native Arkansas where he is reunited with his wife, Anna. He has been named for child molestation of over five girls, is a known porn addict and has other infamous charges leveled against him.

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Josh Duggar Spotted Counting On
Josh Duggar was once an integral part of Counting On

Josh Duggar Back on Counting On?

It all started at Jinger Duggar’s wedding. He recently married Jeremy Vuolo as it was aired on Counting On. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar was reportedly seen at the wedding. It is quite possible as he was also seen at Thanksgiving with his family, which pretty much means that he is back with the Duggar’s.

Josh Duggar’s appearance on the show is not officially confirmed yet. Fans claimed he was purposefully edited out of the scene but they can make it out from behind of Marcus. If you look closely, it might appear that Josh Duggar is behind Marcus as the kid is standing on his lap covering the actor.

Whether Josh is actually covering behind the child or he is not there is still a matter of speculation. It might also be the case that TLC edited lots of the footage to weed out Josh and airing any of his appearance. It is pretty much certain that he attended the wedding with his wife, but whether he is the person in question is not yet verified.

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