Josh Hartnett And British Girlfriend Tamsin Egerton Have Their First Baby Together

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
Josh Hartnett And British Girlfriend Tamsin Egerton Have Their First Baby Together

Josh Hartnett is a dad now.

Harnett, 37 and his girlfriend Tamsin Egerton 27, who is a British actress, became parents of their first baby.


The news was confirmed to ET by Hartnett’s representative. The actor who became daddy recently was seen with his newborn child right outside St. Mary’s Hospital that is located in London.

Earlier in the month of July this year, Harnett’s representative had confirmed that the celebrity couple was expecting their first baby together.

The actor who starred in the film “The Black Hawk Down” met Egerton while they were shooting for their movie “The Lover sin” in 2011. According to some reports, the duo began their dating in the year 2012.

Josh Hartnett who has always been secretive about his private life had been noncommittal about his baby news in the month of April. However, he was clearly thinking of babies when he was speaking to the Playboy Magazine.

While speaking to the Playboy, he had remarked that he had his own viewpoint about his life. He felt that one did not require money for surviving in life. After all friends and near ones can be supportive of others.

He said so when there was a discussion on refusing plum roles in movies of Hollywood. This included the role of Batman in the immensely successful movies of Christopher Nolan. He opined that is they could be helpful towards each other and just be happy. But then he also realizes that he needs to pay his bills, and have to buy a car that would be safe for his baby.

He promptly added that though he did not have a baby, but such ideas came to his thoughts those days.

Josh Hartnett’s co-star in “Lucky Number Slevin” had a baby boy in the month of August this year.



Picture Source: Facebook/Tamsin Egerton