Justice League: John Cleese’s Potential Roles in Ben Affleck Starrer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
Justice League: John Cleese’s Potential Roles in Ben Affleck Starrer

Justice League will release next year and following the DC ensemble, fans will see the planned solo movies. Since The Batman is one such solo movie, it would be interesting to see what storyline the movie picks up.


With Ben Affleck and Joe Manganiello confirmed to star in the movie as Batman and Deathstroke, the makers seem to be adding more star power to the movie.

Going by the rumors that have been running wild, John Cleese has reportedly bagged a role in DCEU. Here are three roles he could be playing in the cinematic universe.

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Billy Wintergreen

This role has been everyone’s first guess since Cleese’s looks happen to match a lot with the character. Wintergreen in the comic books is Deathstroke’s butler.

Deathstroke is Batman’s enemy that pits Wintergreen against Batman’s butler Alfred. In some story line, Wintergreen also fought along with Slade in wars and in some fought against him.

Fans are yet to see as to what capacity does John Cleese play Wintergreen if he will take on the role.


Image source: Facebook/John Cleese

Carmine Falcone

John’s looks also happen to match the look of Falcone crime family’s head in the comic books. With a thin mustache and an intimidating stare, the actor could pull off this role in Justice League as well as in the solo The Batman movie.

If he ends up playing Falcone, his equation with Affleck’s Batman would be interesting to see because chances are Falcone will be hiring Deathstroke to kill Batman.

New Character in Justice League

If he is not playing the two characters above, chances are that he will be playing a completely different character. If the character is completely new, John Cleese would have an opportunity to truly make the character his own.

It would also be seen if this new character would be good or bad.

Cinema Blend offered some choices of roles that John Cleese could play in Justice League. According to the outlet, John could be playing roles like Tomar-Re, Highfather or Gordon Godfrey.

It remains to be seen what role does John end up playing.

Justice League will release next year on November 17.

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