Justified Season 6 Spoilers: Limehouse Offers Information to Boyd

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Justified Season 6 Spoilers: Limehouse Offers Information to Boyd
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The final Season 6 of FX’s “Justified” continues with Ava’s struggle to finally achieve her freedom from Boyd Crowder. Will things become even more twisted after Ava and Raylan kiss?


In the latest episode of “Justified,” “Sounding,” the show ended with Ava and Raylan kissing at Boyd’s home. Raylan also promised Ava to give her money and brand-new life after they have solved the case. Earlier that day, Ava tried to run away and leave Harlan after seeking help from Limehouse. Ava wanted to run away because she fears that Katherine would call Boyd anytime soon and tell him about the deal she made with Raylan, which would leave her with a bullet on her head. Raylan, of course, wouldn’t allow Ava to leave, so he asked for Constable Bob Sweeney’s help.

In an interview with Yahoo! TV, showrunner Graham Yost spilled what was going inside Raylan’s head when Ava was kissing him. Yost said that Raylan plays such a hard line with Ava even when he has great affection for her. Raylan feels very conflicted after leading Ava into this mess because he hooked up with his ex-wife. Yost also admitted that Raylan might have thought that Ava’s only playing him but said that Raylan would understand that because Ava’s only doing what she can to survive. Yost added though that Raylan can also play the hard-line that he has always been and tell Ava that she was responsible for being in this situation so she shouldn’t come crying to him about it.

What was Ava’s motive behind the kiss? Joelle Carter revealed to Vanity Fair that her character, Ava Crowder, “either wants Raylan to pull her out or she wants to go on the run with Boyd.” According to her, Ava’s was only trying to survive and the kiss was only a way of saying thank you for saving her and offering her a chance to start a new life.

The show’s promo clip for the upcoming episode shows Limehouse and how he responds when Ava doesn’t give him the money she promised him. On the next episode, Limehouse is seen making a call to Boyd and offering him a piece of information. Will he tell Boyd all about Ava’s cover and her deal with Raylan? What does he want from Boyd?

Yost also revealed that viewers of “Justified” will also see more and learn more about Wynn Duffy in the show’s final season.

There you have it for the spoilers on the upcoming episode of “Justified,” which airs every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Drovethrughosts



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