Justin Bieber Does It Finally; Breaks Charts Record With His First UK No 1

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Justin Bieber Does It Finally; Breaks Charts Record With His First UK No 1

Justin Bieber has eventually made it; the pop singer has the first UK number one track in his kitty now. “What Do You Mean” has been his fastest-selling single in the United Kingdom till date.

It is amazing but true. This is the third time that Justin Beiber has a solo top 10 song in the United Kingdom. The track also happens to be his first since “Boyfriend” which was released in the year 2012. The number two hit single had a sales of 55,000 trailing much behind Bieber’s new song’s sales total amounting to 84,000.


According to BBC’s Entertainment & Arts News, there are over 21 million streams globally for Justin Bieber’s single track “What Do You Mean” that is a new world record for this kind of service.

The single has managed about 3.2 million plays on the various streaming services alone in UK which is the maximum number recorded by any single in its very first week.

Justin’s new single managed to break to One Direction’s record set last month when the band’s “Drag Me Down” had about 2.03 million streams within its first week of release.

Bierber’s chart-buster manages to triumph over Rachel Plattern’s “Flight Song” which was the number one track last week. The latter dropped to number two from its last week’s number one position.

Fans of Justin Bieber can now rejoice as the single has set the highest streaming record. According to a report published by Guardian Music, while Bieber has been one of the most popular pop singers of his generation but it is incredible that this is the first time, a track of his has managed to top the UK charts.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Justin Beiber