Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson’s Romance Truth Revealed

By Mardielyn | 2 months ago
Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson’s Romance Truth Revealed
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Who would have thought that Justin Bieber and Rebel Wilson would be a “pitch perfect” couple?


Rumor has it that the Canadian singer Justin Bieber is head over heels with the Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson, thanks to Jennifer Lopez.

According to a tabloid magazine, National Enquirer, Bieber and Wilson hooked up when they met at JLo’s concert in Las Vegas. The reports even claimed, “It was a love at first sight.”

Justin Bieber and his Secret Sexy Notes

“Keep going, girl,” says Bieber to Wilson.

Based on the reports, Bieber sends Wilson flirty emails. The singer also reportedly encourages the actress’ come-ons but tells her not to lose her “booty” as he like “girls with a little meat on their bones!”

Odd but Perfect

Meanwhile, though the source from the tabloid noted that the two stars could be one of the weirdest couples, the source insists that opposites attract. Wilson, on the other hand, even thinks that she and Selena Gomez’s ex are perfect for each other.

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Wilson and Bieber’s Date Agreement

In Gossip Cop’s report, Wilson revealed that she and Bieber agreed to date each other jokingly.

While the meet up and the agreement are true, the date turned out to be just another friendly humor. Adding on, even the perfect pitch romance is also not true.

The site debunked National Enquirer’s report and clarify that Wilson and Bieber never send flirty messages to each other.

The site even pointed out that the 22-year-old actress admitted that since her agreement with Bieber, the singer never got in touch with her again.

Selena Gomez, Bieber’s Real Pitch Perfect Romance

In other news, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are reportedly an item again. The reports even claimed that the reunion causes a big rift with Taylor Swift.

Rumor has it that Swift is not in favor of the reunion because Bieber is the reason why the American Music Award-winner went to rehab.

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Photo Source: Twitter/ Rebel Wilson/ Justin Bieber


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